The childhood variation of self is a tried and true hip-hop staple for album covers. Previously explored by the likes of Nas, Lil Wayne, Biggie, and Drake, YFN Lucci continues the tradition, unveiling the nostalgic cover of his upcoming Freda’s Son album. Not only that, but Lucci has also revealed a release date of this Friday, February 16th, meaning it won’t be long before we have a slew of new music from the Atlanta rapper. The news proves favorable for his fans, many of which enjoyed watching Lucci’s 2017 run, which included the standout and emotional Long Live Nut project. 

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Behold a young Lucci, dressed to the nines in a dapper white suit, reflecting a boss-like image from the prepubescent stages; though his voice may yet have cracked, there’s no doubt he was a force to be reckoned with on the playground. The cover is evocative of mafioso imagery, and while it’s hard to make a conclusive guess, it seems likely that the picture was taken in a Church. 

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Interestingly enough, Lucci has dubbed Freda’s Son as a “pre-album” to the main-event, the intriguingly titled Ray Ray from Summerhill. That project will be dropping on March 9th, meaning we’ll be on the receiving end of two Lucci projects in a mere matter of weeks. There’s no word on whether or not either project will include the previously released “Boss Life,” which ruffled a few feathers after Offset seemingly took a shot at the Queer community. Stay tuned for more news on YFN Lucci’s back-to-back projects.