Before the Eagles won the Super Bowl against the Patriots, Philly made sure to rep Meek Mill as they entered the field in Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles used Meek Mill’s “Dreams & Nightmares Intro” as they walked onto the field and celebrated to the song in their locker room after winning. The song has served as their anthem and while Meek Mill is incarcerated, he’s still proud of what his home team’s done. Earlier today, the rapper released a statement behind bars about the Eagles’ major win.

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Meek Mill gave NBC’s John Clark an exclusive statement following the win of the Eagles. Clark shared the statement on Instagram along with a video of Philly running out of the tunnel to Meek’s song. The rapper stated how humbled and proud he is to see Philadelphia take the win last night and how much he wishes he could’ve been on the field with the team to celebrate.

“Last night, I felt especially proud to be from the great city of Philadelphia. All the heart that the Eagles showed in winning the Super Bowl has given the best fans in the world real hope and inspiration and I’m truly humbled.” He said in the statement, “I wish my current situation was different, and that I could be with my brothers on that team, and the other Eagles fans, in celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime experience. But I have faith that truth and justice will win out in the end.”

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As expected, the comment section was filled with #FreeMeek hashtags. 

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