Everyone from music to sports to film have shown support for Meek Mill since his unjust incarceration. We’re still waiting to see if his case will be appealed but there hasn’t been any recent news about that. However, the #FreeMeek movement is definitely alive and well right now. The Philadelphia Eagles used Meek Mill’s intro Dreams and Nightmares as their official Super Bowl anthem as they walked through the tunnel. Of course, Meek Mill was not in attendance but the moment still made him proud.

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Meek Mill says that the Eagles showed their solidarity when they chose to use “Dreams & Nightmares Intro” as their Super Bowl anthem, TMZ reports. The rapper says the fact they used his song for such a widely viewed event was a statement on his unjust sentence for probation violation. The rapper’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, gave them a statement from Meek Mill on what it meant.

“I was encouraged injustice still matters to people,” Tacopina told TMZ.

The rapper also said that members of the Eagles have reached out to him in support and are fighting with him for his release from jail. 

According to the report, one thing that stood out to Meek was Karl-Anthony Towns choice to wear a “Free Meek Mill” jersey during the pregame warm-up broadcast. 

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Yesterday, the rapper gave NBC’s John Clark a statement on the Eagles win. The rapper said their win gave fans inspiration and that he’s truly humbled from their accomplishment. You could read the rest of that here