Lil Wayne‘s catalog is so deep that you could probably find a line of his, if not a whole song, that’s applicable to most scenarios. I mean, Wayne’s been in the rap game for over 20 years and including his prolific mixtape run, Wayne has enough material that most artists wouldn’t be able to create in their lifetime. However, Wayne’s music also brings people together in many ways and for two star athletes, it helped them bond over the internet.

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Odell Beckham Jr. posted a picture of himself on Instagram on the field. In the caption, he used a Lil Wayne line from “I Think I Love Her” off No Ceilings where Weezy namedrops Tom Brady. “Quarterback Weezy, young Tom Brady, open up ya mouth…” OBJ wrote. Tom Brady later commented back and finished the line. “And catch a bomb baby…” he wrote with a championship trophy. 

Now, it’s no surprise that OBJ would use some Wayne lyrics on his Instagram page. He actually revealed a bar from Drake‘s “Diplomatic Immunity” a few months before it dropped. In addition, he’s also been spotted hanging out with Drake and Lil Wayne in the past.

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However, Tom Brady was catching some flack in the Instagram post. While Brady finished up that Wayne line, people weren’t quick to forget the pass he ended up dropping at the Super Bowl a few weekends back.