To us common folk, the most heated a classic game of NBA 2K can get is a social-media worthy meltdown and maybe a few dollars lost if you’re feeling saucy. For Lil Yachty that sauce cost him about 10 stacks when he decided to place a wager on a game of 2K against fellow Atlanta-reared rapper 21 Savage.

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In a clip captured by Yachty that apparently takes place after the matchup, Lil Yachty tells his viewers, “You can tell by the way he’s talking what just happened.” As 21 Savage goes on in the background talking smack that he can apparently back up.

“You lost, n*gga. Ten thousand. You got ya’ ass spanked,” 21 says into the camera. Yachty isn’t letting the loss faze him, though as he says “I took an ‘L.’ I ain’t tripping.” We’re sure he isn’t as $10,000 will hardly put a dent in the 20-year old’s pocket. This year, he was named to Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Prince list where the publication alleged that Lil Boat was raking in about $100,000 per show.

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“Shout out to my boy Lil Yachty, man,” 21 added in another video as he flexes a stack of fresh $100 bills. “Giving me $10,000 on the 2K. He thought he could beat me on 2K. Thank you, Lil Yachty.”