Killer Mike, best known as one half of the critically acclaimed hip-hop duo Run The Jewels, has long been a strong activist voice in the music industry. Regularly appearing on cable news and late-night talk shows, the rapper has never been afraid to speak out against social injustices that continue to plague the United States, especially as it relates to racism, and also praise those who sacrifice their jobs and sometimes their well-being to do what’s right.

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In a new report from TMZ, Killer Mike was asked about both Colin Kaepernick and Donald Trump, both of whom apparently have the same odds at being named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year.” While that statement is sure to get more than a few people riled up – and why not, it defies a certain amount of logic – the RTJ performer was able to break it down succintly and intelligently for the tabloid’s cameraman. Check out the full video below.

“We like entertainers,” Mike pointed out. “Donald Trump is a successful entrepreneur but essentially he’s an entertainer.” It’s not an unfair statement to make, since even now, Trump is more likely to be commenting on the state of TV ratings and other pop culture headlines than he is to tweet out some inspired piece of policy update. With that aside, the emcee also said that Colin Kaepernick, by virtue of him being a professional athlete, is also an entertainer but, with the world watching his every move, was able to use the platform to do so much more.

“I’m very, very proud of Colin Kaepernick and the stance he’s taken,” Mike continued. “The man’s essentially given up his career to bring social awareness to the fact that agents of the state — police officers — are killing citizens.” That line of thinking, while a strong and blunt choice of phrasing, is factually correct, with too many examples to name in an exhaustive way here. Killer Mike, like so many others, would like the magazine’s award go to someone like CK, who has done his best to bring social justice to the front of America’s consciousness.

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