Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most prominent creatives in modern day history. From music to fashion to design, he’s proven to push the boundaries with whatever he does. His wife even said he designs his own furniture. However, his Saint Pablo tour was one of the most revolutionary endeavors he’s embarked on. The rapper performed on a floating stage during the whole tour. His manager, Scooter Braun, recently revealed the inspiration behind it.

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Scooter Braun recently joined Bill Simmons on his latest episode of his podcast where they spoke extensively on his experience with Kanye West. He explained that during the Saint Pablo tour, he was trying to see if Kanye wanted a back up stage on the floor. During the rehearsals for the “Saint Pablo” tour, he realized the rapper’s genius after Kanye explained the purpose of the floating stage.

“I see Kanye walk out to the middle of the floor and he takes a phone and he’s like, looking down and he’s shooting pictures. And Kanye’s not like a selfie guy so I’m like, ‘what is he doing?’ So I walk over and ask him and he says ‘I’m taking selfies to see what the fans will be doing, like what it looks like, to make sure it’s right because I’m building the show for them.’ And he knew the culture of where kids are today and what they like and what they do and he built the show that would be shot by their iPhones better than any other show before it. And he had that innately in his mind,” Braun said.

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In addition to the story behind the floating stage, he also revealed how he became Kanye’s manager and more. You could listen to the full interview below with the Kanye West bit starting around the 29 minute mark.